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5th Vandor—Revesz Choral Festival and 3nd International Choral Competition of Budapest, 10-13 May 2018!

Extended application deadline: March 15, 2018


We are happy to invite you to the next Vandor-Revesz Festival and International Competition of Choral Music held on 10-13th May, 2018 in Budapest, organised and hosted by Budapest Vandor Choir and its sponsors, the Association of Friends of Budapest Vandor Choir and the foundation in memory of the choir’s great conductors Sandor Vandor and Laszlo Revesz.

Your choir may take part in the festival, the competition, or both.


Day 1- 10 May 2018 (Thursday) 19:00 – Opening Concert

 Conductors, jury, sponsors and representatives of the local government greet the audience then a concert of some participants open the 4-day event series. After the concert, conductors and singers of the different choirs get the opportuity to meet and greet each other.


Day 2 – 11 May 2018 (Friday) – Acoustic rehearsals; Competition

Contestants will be scheduled to rehearse on the spot from 10:00. The competition is held at 14:00.


Day 3 – 12 May 2018 (Saturday)  – Open air concert in the morning, church concert int he evening

Festival participants will give an open air concert in the morning. A secular concert will also be given at the Catholic church (Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet templom) at the Square of Roses (Rózsák tere). at 19.00 the same day.


Day 4 – 13 May 2018 (Sunday) 11:00 – Gala concert

Gala Concert held on the closing day of the Festival and Competition will present pieces from the participant choirs. The jury is then going to announce the competition results and present the awards and certificates.



Video and audio recordings may occur throughout the premises of the Vandor-Revesz Fesztival and International Choral Competition of Budapest and visitors/participants accept that they may appear on any such recording. Any visitor/participant to the Event henceforth consents to such recordings and therefore they may not stake any claim whatsoever against the event organisers, the producers of the recordings or the rightful users of such recordings.
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