Information in English

3rd Vandor-Revesz Choral Festival  and First International Choral Competiton of Budapest

from 15 to 18 of May, 2014

Choirs may participate at the festival and the competition together or only one of these events. Schedule of the programme is the following:

1.      1st day- 15 of May, Thursday- Opening concert

 The first event of the Festival is at 19:00, 15th of May (Thursday). After the greeting of the participating conductors, sponsors and political representatives the Budapesti Vandor Choir together with guest choirs give a welcome concert. Following the concert an afterparty will take place where the delegates  (max 3 persons per choir) and the conductors of the participants may get to know each other.

 2.      2nd day – 16th of May, 2014 – Acoustic rehearsal and Competition

 Participants may have an acoustic rehearsal before noon, in the afternoon, from 2 pm,the choral competition will be held.

3.      3rd day – 17 th of May, 2014 (Saturday) – Festival Garden at Rózsák Square, a concert of sacred music in the evening

In the Festival Garden participants may have a concert of non-sacred music in the afternoon. In the square of the Festival Garden a fair-ground will be organised all day long to attract visitors and passers-by. Participating choirs will have a concert of sacred music at 19:00 in the Church of Rózsák Square (named after Saint Elizabeth of the House Arpad)

4.      4th day- 18th of May, 2014, (Sunday)- Closing ceremony and gala concert

Closing ceremony and gala concert will be held on the last day of the Festival, at 11am with the concert of the participants of the competition. An award ceremony will take place as well, the jury hands out the prizes and certificates of merit.


 Each Choir participating in the competition and/or the Festival will receive a certification of merit.

From the participants of the competition, I., II. and III. places will be chosen by a jury of choral experts, and based on the points collected gold, silver and bronze diplomas will be handed.

Maximum points: 90 points

Gold diploma: 75–90 points

Silver diploma: 60–75 points

Bronze diploma: 45–60 points



  1. prize – 150.000 HUF
  2. prize – 120.000 HUF
  3. prize – 80.000 HUF


Participation rules:

 Non-competitive participation in the festival:

Choirs must have an approximately 20 minutes long programme of non-sacred and/ or 8 minutes of sacred music ( max. 2 pieces). There are no other rules or restrictions regarding the category of the choirs or the number of singers. The programme of the opening concert will be chosen by the organizing committee from the programme of the choirs.


Participation rules of the competition:

Required programme:

  • a contemporary choral (not older than 15 years) from the choir’s country of origin
  • a folk song from the choir’s country of origin
  • a piece of the choir’s own choosing, without restriction

 Additional rules:

Length of the programme of the competition: 12-15 minutes.

Only one piece of the programme can be accompanied by no more than 3 musical instruments.

Only amateur singers’ choirs can take part in the competition

(this rule does not apply to the conductors, soloists, and accompanists)

English translation of the lyrics is required (save lyrics in Latin, English, Italian, German or Hungarian)


Registration fee and conditions:

Registration fee: 20 Euro/ choir, payment is due together with the application form, non-refundable.

Participation fee of the Festival: 100 Euro/ choir

Participation fee of the Competition: 300 Euro/ choir

Registration fee is part of the participation fee if the registration is accepted.

One may participate at the festival and the competition or only one of them.

In case of participating both events, only the participation fee of the competition is to be paid.

Travel costs and accommodations are provided and paid by the participants.

In case of interest please send us the following application form until 28th of February, 2014. You can download the application form from


Payment information:

Payment should be transferred to MagNet Bank, Hungary


Bank account number: HU08162002160023912700000000

As additional information please indicate the name of the choir

Please attach the programme, an introduction of the choir and the conductor and a recent photo of the choir and of the conductor, and a 10 minutes long recording of the choirs performance in MP3 to the application form. In case you intent to enter the competition please send 5 copies of the original score (with translation) of each work (non returnable) by post.

Application forms can be send to, or to Nemeth Zsuzsanna, H-1077 (zip code) Budapest (city), Rejtő J. u. 6. II/1. (Street and house) Hungary. Additional information in English: Ms. Zita Ozorák, mobile: +36-20/579-2610.

A confirmation email will be send after the arrival of the application form- in case if it’s missing, please contact us.