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Medicantare Choir- equal voices, females (Festival and competition)

The Medicantare Choir was formed in the spring of 2011 in the faculty of Health Sciences, at Semmelweis University. Its members are physiotherapists and diatetic students, but thanks to its open and friendly atmosphere it became a colourful community. Now there are nurses, librarians, students of psychology, engineers, chemists, economists and even students of secondary schools among the members. They give successful concerts for a wide range of public at the most special places. Their repertory is mainly pieces of the 20th century and of contemporary composers.

Their conductor is Csaba Tőri.

Argenteus Mixed Choir (Festival and competitons)

The Argentus Mixed Choir of the Juhasz Gyula Pedagogic Faculty of the University of Szeged was formed in 1963. It has been directed by professor dr. Gabor Kovacs since 1998. The members of the choir are mainly students of the Faculty of Music, but it is open for other departments of the university. They are successful at giving concerts and receiving gold diplomas throughout in Europe, in 2013 they were the category winner of the Budapest International Choral Competition. The choir performed the world premiere of more than ten Hungarian contemporary choral works.

Lajos Bardos Mixed Choir (Festival and competition)

The choir started to work in 1959 led by Gabor Ugrin conductor, under the name “The Miner Mixed Choir of Tatabanya Town”. Then in 1994 for the initiative of their conductor they adopted the name of Lajos Bardos. In comparison with other choirs they can be proud of their great repertory of sacred music, and they often sing in churches. They like to perform adaptations of folk songs and sing miners’ songs as well. They cherish the traditions of Tatabanya. Answering to recent expectations they also sing pieces of light tone, sprituales and adaptations of popsongs.

In 2013 they have got the qualification of Gala Choir. The conductor’s name is Zsuzsanna Szeimann.

Saldava, Latvia ((Festival and competition)

The mixed choir was founded in 1972 in the town of Saldus. They take part in every song- and dancing festival held in Latvia. Besides the successes gained in their country they got great results in Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Russia. Lately they won a gold diploma in Bratislava in 2012 at the Folk Festival. The leader of the ensamble is Itana Lipsane.

SSE Riga, Latvia (Festival and competition)

The mixed choir of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga was founded the same year as SSE Riga – 1994, and throughout the years it has played an integral role in the School’s social and cultural life. The choir’s tradition is deeply rooted in the culture of the three Baltic countries, and with choir members representing all three Baltic countries the SSE Riga Choir is in a unique position for carrying this tradition forward. As a multi-cultural choir, the repertoire surpasses genre, period and national limitations. The concert programmes vary in form and theme, and include Medieval, Renaissance, sacred, jazz, and popular music – and also world ethnic music from India, Africa, the Australian aborigines, and the Native Americans. The SSE Riga Choir has toured the Baltics, Italy, Austria, the Ukraine, Sweden and Switzerland and participates in Latvian Song Festivals, Baltic Student Song Festivals, and many other events.

The conductors are Elīna Karaseva and Lauris Goss.

Sarlos Boldogasszony Choir (Choir of the Church of Ujlak) (Competition)

The choir was founded in 1976 as the Youth Mixed Choir of the Public Transportation Company of Budapest and the Pal Szabo Community House. It changed its name in 2004 to express their commitment towards the sacred music. The choir is well-known for its Christmas concerts, masses and other liturgic services, in the programs of the Musica Sacra Civitatis and the Night of the Open Churches, charity and patronal concerts. In 2013 at the choral competition announced by the Maria Radio they won silver diploma in 2 categories and a special award in folksong category. The conductor is Andrea Török.

Nagymaros Male Choir (Competition)

As one of the oldest male choirs, it was founded in 1904. They took part in several national choral meetings where they received gold and silver diplomas. Lately in 2009 the choir received KOTA-(Association of Hungarian Choirs, Orchestras and Folk Ensembles) qualification on the Nagymaros Choral Meeting and got the Festival Choir title.

The choir performed abroad several times: in Germany, Austria, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Sub-Carpathia and Transylvania. The main purpose of the choir is to present and interpret the Hungarian and international choral music, and keep up with the traditions of Nagymaros. The conductor is Orsolya Anna Juhasz.

Bardos Choir of Equal Voices (Competition)

The ladies of the Lajos Bardos Mixed Choir of Tatabanya make their concerts more colorful with some pieces for equal voices in the recent years. There are more women in the choir, they learn little faster. Thanks to the good planning of the rehearsals’ time they are able to learn some pieces of their own. Last year they were qualified for the first time at the festival called Songfest of Keszthely, and received a bright gold diploma. The conductor is Zsuzsanna Szeimann.

Harmonia Chamber Choir (Competition)

The choir formed at Christmas in 2000. It has got gold grade in the qualification concert in 2006, then got Gala Choir qualification in November 2010. In 2012 at the intenational competition held in Prague they received silver diploma, in Budapest they got a gold one.

They like to perform Christmas, Easter and Spring concerts in the surroundings of Nyiregyháza, and on the other side of the border. The leader of the choir is Peter Nagy.

Vox Humana Choir (Competition)

The mixed choir of more than 60 members is an important participant of the musical and cultural life of the town of Vác. Since 1938 with the direction of Jozsef Maklari the ensamble could be proud of great international successes all over in Europe, they recorded some oratorio, and received Pro Urbe, KOTA and Vac City’s Cultural Award. The choir considers its most important task to give concerts in Hungary and especially at Vac. They regularly take part in the programs of Vaci Wordly Gaieties, the traditional New Year’s Eve concerts, the Vac Spring Festival and the Autumn Cultural Weeks. The conductor is Bence Sandor.

Capella Silentium (Competition)

The Capella Silentium was formed in October 2009 on the world day of the music, and they give concerts regularly. The choir learns and presents three new programs in each season, these programs contain pieces connected to an occurance of the music history or have other special meaning or tematics. The credo of the choir is: music is a spirit of adventure, freedom in creativity, fathfulness to the pieces, it is to feel the sound, to feel the silence. The conductor is Tamas Varkonyi.

Vörösmarty Choir of Equal Voices, female (Competition)

The Choir of the Mihaly Vörösmarty Music and Language Elementary and Secondary School of Pestszentlőrinc was formed in 1991. They take part regularly in the Singing Youth Concerts, received the qualification of “Choir of the Year” and recently they were successful in choral competitions in Neerpelt, Giessen, Celje and Tolosa. Since 2012 they have the Gold Diploma qualification and got the “National Praise Diploma”. The conductor is Balint Gyombolai.

Budapesti Vandor Choir (Festival)

The mixed choir founded in 1936 is one of the oldest amateur choirs of Hungary. It’s founder and first conductor was Sandor Vandor composer, who died as a martyr. Between 1949 and 1999 Laszlo Revesz merited artist, honored with Ferenc Liszt prize was the leader of the choir. Under his leadership the choir obtained an international appreciation which has grown since the choir has been directed by Zsuzsanna Nemeth. In 2014 the choir gained the highest qualification of the KOTA which is “Concertchoir”.

Alsó-erdősori Lajos Bardos Elementary and Secondary School Choir (Festival)

The elementary and secondary shool of the 7th district of Budapest reached outstanding results in the field of artistic education. Respecting the memory of Lajos Bardos composer, they help the artistic development of their students by a high level of musical education and rich choral life. In the Budapest Vandor Revesz Fesztival the choir of the youngest pupils take part with the leading of Rita Kyncl.

Wesley Schola (Festival)

The Wesley Schola – by the initiative of Monika Ivanyi-Papp – was formed in 2002 from the young members of the Hungarian Evangelist Fraternity, originally with the purpose to sing on their own services. At the beginning, the amateur chamber choir consisted of the member of a family which later increased to 12-16 young ones coming from other churches all of them blessed with the love of singing. In 2013 on the choir competition announced by the Maria Radio they received gold diploma and won the third prize. The conductor and artistic leader is Zsuzsanna Nemeth.

Aula Chamber Chior (Festival)

The roots of the chamber choir date back to the choir of the Technical University and the choir of the Budai Nagy Antal Secondary School. Recently the mixed choir counts 12 persons. By their own admission they like the adaptations of the Hungarian folksongs the most, but they like to try themselves in every kind of music, and so they succeded on several national and international competitions. In 2013 they celebrated their 15 years of establishment. Their conductor is Soma Lozsányi.

Inferno Minor Choir (Festival)

The choir was formed half a year ago by the members of the Bolyai Sef-educating Work-shop of Budapest, the first rehearsals were held in October 2013. The repertory of the choir is varied reflecting the taste of the members, they sing sacred and non-sacred classical music with the same enthusiasm as the folksong adaptations, gospels as well as of light tone pieces of Hungarian and foreign composers. The main purpose is always the good atmosphere and the joy of the music-without a stake, free. The conductor is Balazs Kovacs.

Óbuda University Mixed Choir (Festival)

The mixed choir of the Obuda University was formed in 2009 by the initiative of Rector dr. Imre Rudas as the choir of the Technical High School of Budapest. Its first conductor was Krisztina Phersy who got her diploma in 2001 as a conductor at the musical faculty of Eötvös Lóránt University. The mixed choir consists of the students, profesors and other employees of the university. The choir counts about 20 persons. Their repertory contains classical pieces, spirituales and works of light tone as well. The conductor is Anna Baranyai.

Zemaiciai, Lithuania (Festival)

The mixed choir OF Telsiai Culture Centre counts 36 members. It was formed 35 years ago, their recent conductor directs the choir since 2002.

The members of choir have the goal to revive and popularize national repertoire of choirs, to activate and propagate creative activity, to add new songs to the repertoire.

A big added value of the choir is that people working in various institutions find some time for a song and  look for spiritual pabulum in the choir. It has deeper meaning- to give joyful moments for others, give meaning to their cooperation in the  arts. They took part in festivals in Latvia, Sweden, Norway,, Lithuvania, Estonia, Iceland and Finland, but also got success with concerts held in churches of Verona and Hallgrimskirkei. The conductor is Gintaras Vaitkaitis.