Fasori Lutheran Church and Fasori Lutheran Secondary School

Címe: Budapest, VII. ker., Városligeti fasor 17-21.

Church of Rózsák Square (named after Saint Elizabeth of the House Arpad)

Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet Plébániatemplom

Címe: 1074 Budapest, Rózsák tere 8.


 Szent István Park

Cím:  Budapest, XIII. kerület



Video and audio recordings may occur throughout the premises of the Vandor-Revesz Fesztival and International Choral Competition of Budapest and visitors/participants accept that they may appear on any such recording. Any visitor/participant to the Event henceforth consents to such recordings and therefore they may not stake any claim whatsoever against the event organisers, the producers of the recordings or the rightful users of such recordings.