Members of Jury in 2022

Jury of the concert: Erdős Ákos / Király Miklós / Németh Zsuzsanna

Jury of the application: Aira Birziņa / Claus-Ulrich Heinke / Keresztes Nóra / Németh Zsuzsanna / Anna Stankiewicz

Evaluation criteria

The purpose of the competition:
It played an important role in the setting up of the viewpoints that not only those choirs should achieve good results members of which have a good musical qualification, but it would provide possibility for those ones taking part in an important competition which work under the direction of a good musician but the members are really amateurs. Naturally the “traditional” viewpoints will also be emphasised, in the decisions of the jury will appear not only the above mentioned point of views. The purpose of the competition is to give possibility for really amateur choirs to have the chance taking part in a competition. For the professional choirs it will give the chance to compete with having similar professional base.

Compulsory piece:
Each choir has to bring a piece of a contemporary author not older then 15 years. The organizers this way would like to help the contemporary composers, and to encourage the choirs to take on their repertoire more pieces composed nowdays.

The jury will give points for 6 criterias (intonation, following the score, choosing the pieces, tone of the choir, knowledge of styles, artistic realization, interaction between the choir and the conductor), for the compulsory piece 0-5 points for each criteria, for the chosen pieces together 0-10 points by criterias. During the competition half point also can be given.(3,5 point).
The timelimit for a choir is from 12 min. to 15 minutes. The secretary of the jury will record penalty points for using longer time or the unused time that will be deducted from the total of the points. This is 1 point for every 30 seconds.
The maximum points for one choir : 30 points for the compulsory piece, 60 points for the chosen pieces together minus the penalty points. One choir can collet max.90 points from one member of the jury, adding up of the points of the three jury-members an avarage will be made. Total of gaining points is 90, over 45 points every choir will get a diploma: 45-59,5 points bronze, 60-74,5 silver, 75-90 golden diploma. The first three choirs gaining the most points in each category will get a placing in case if it got a golden qualification. The jury reserves the right that not every choir will be awarded.

Point of views

  1. Intonation
  2. Fidelty to the score: choosing the right tempo, keeping the dinamic signals, good interpretation of the given characters.
  3. Choice of music pieces: Whether the pieces chosen by the conductor match to the musical, technical level of the choir, and show a good enough variety considering the ages, characters and styles of the pieces.
  4. Sound quality compared to the music qualification of the choir: Here the jury points how successfully could the conductor bring up the most optimal tone of the choir. This may result different quality by choirs.
  5. Authenticity/ style of performance, interpretation: This also a viewpoint that can be independent from the intonation and musical knowledge. It should be heard from the interpretation, that the different pieces show a variety of characters and artistic expression.
  6. Interaction between the conductor and the choir: What is the harmony between the conductor and his/her ensemble like? Beside the beating has the conductor refined musical solutions, special instructions?  Whether the members of the choir should express whatever the conductor inspires?